Futanari Catwoman Facefucking Dickgirl Harley Quinn

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Futanari Catwoman Facefucks Dickgirl Harley Quinn

“Cat got your tongue, Harley?”

Futanari Catwoman! This amazing Arkham City fan art by Sparrow features two of the sexiest DC women, although with some changes. Catwoman now bears a huge dick, which she currently has stuffed past Harley’s lips and deep down her throat. Harley Quinn herself also has a girlcock, a massive thing with a couple of sexy piercings (in addition to the fat rings through her swollen nipples). And, since this is Sparrow art, both of those cocks are spraying thick cum everywhere! Sadly, there’s no sign of Poison Ivy, Talia al Ghul, or a well-hung Batgirl, but futanari Catwoman and Harley Quinn are still something to be very grateful for!

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Futanari Stocking Gangbanged by 8 Men

•May 27, 2015 • 1 Comment
Futanari Stocking Gangbang Hentai

Would you stuff Stocking?

Futanari Stocking yay! I have yet to watch Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, but I have already fallen in love with Stocking. She has such a cute design which translates really well to more realistic versions of her, such as this. Granted, this version also features her with a futanari cock, so that only makes it better. The purple-haired cutie also has a pair of F-cup breasts on her skinny frame, but most of the attention seems to be on her legs and feet. Given that she wears, well, stockings, it should be no surprise. The centerpiece of a gangbang, futanari Stocking takes on 8 men. One cums on her thigh, another on a foot, and yet another pounds her sexy shemale ass. AS109‘s art is just that sexy!

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Futa Power Girl Face-Fucks Black Widow

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Futanari Power Girl and Black Widow

Nobody said crossover events had to be fair.

For anyone who likes comic book crossovers, artist Lucien has given one potential outcome in a match-up between futanari Power Girl and Black Widow. In what shouldn’t come as much of a surprise Power Girl wins out, though what may be surprising is the cock between her legs. The cock you can’t really see because it’s buried down Black Widow’s throat. It’s a great piece, with a “point of view” perspective that not only shows off Power Girl’s famous breasts, but also Black Widow on her knees, mascara streaming down her cheeks and cum spilling from her stuffed-full lips. There’s plenty more cum, too, splattered over that red hair and tight black catsuit. I think the only thing better would be if there were a whole series of pics of futanari Power Girl throatfucking as many comic book characters as humanly Kryptonianly possible.

Whether you prefer DC or Marvel, this is a sight that anyone could enjoy. The only thing better would be if this Black Widow was Scarlett Johansson’s sucking futa Power Girl cock. It would certainly make for a perfect Avengers/Justice League theatrical cross-over, at least. Which futa pairing from comics would you most like to see?

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Pierced Futanari Applejack by Shadman

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Futanari Applejack by Shadman

Obviously called Applejack due to her apple-sized balls and her jackoff addiction

I’m not really into the whole MLP fandom or anything, but there has been some great hentai art featuring humanized versions of the characters. Shadman in particular manages to make what might be my favorite of the bunch now, a futanari Applejack. The sexy, southern cowgirl is apparently ready for a roll in the hay, pulling down her shorts to reveal a massive and amazingly-sexy futa cock and balls. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a ball slut, so I find this picture all the more droolworthy as a result! It’s safe to say that even as a human, futanari Applejack is hung like a horse, sporting that throbbing cock with its pierced head, along with balls which each look to be about the size of her fist. What do you think? Do you imagine any of the other ponies are even more hung and horny than AJ?

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Latex Futa with Glasses and a Huge Penis

•March 7, 2015 • 1 Comment
Latex futa with glasses and boots

But how does she get it out??

No idea who the artist of this latex futa pic is, but you can’t tell me it’s not really, really sexy. Featuring a blonde futa in a clear rubber bodysuit and Louboutin boots, the pic also has her erect cock stretching out against the tight latex. Mostly, though, I just like the idea of what will happen when she cums. If she were to orgasm multiple times, she’d end up filling her latex suit with cum, wearing it like a sort of full-body condom. Just picturing her swimming in her own cum is so very sexy.

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Goth Futanari Stuffs a Dickgirl Cheerleader

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Goth Futanari Fucking a Cheerleader

It’s tough to tell who’s winning this rivalry

Devil_HS is yet another absolutely amazing artist, and while his images don’t always focus on futanari, they do almost always focus on enormous cocks and heavy, swaying balls. When those massive members are grafted onto a sexy, busty girl, the level of sexiness explodes. This image has a cheerleader on her knees, breasts mashed against the floor while a latex-clad goth futanari bitch pounds away at her ass, stuffing it full with a cock nearly the size of a fire hydrant. And judging by the bondage around the futanari cheerleader’s balls, she’s in for some orgasm denial no matter how many loads of cum the goth futanari pumps into her ass. Unless some other futa comes along and puts the goth in her place using that enormous dildo.

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Futanari Asuka Langley by Tekuho

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Futanari Asuka Langley from NGE

More plug than suit.

The pretty and often-aggressive Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion has been given a bit of a makeover by artist Tekuho. Her plug suit has a big redesign, particularly in that it only really covers her arms and legs, leaving the rest of her body bare. Oh, and she’s futanari Asuka now, for no particular reason other than making her even sexier. She looks to have a solid six inches or so of girlcock, though whether it’s intended for Rei, Shinji, or someone else, I can’t say. With all the bright slutty makeup she’s wearing, perhaps this is all an attempt to seduce Kaji. Tekuho’s a really fun artist who is especially good at sluttifying (and often futa..futaizing?) all sorts of popular characters, so go check out his site to see what else he’s been up to!

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Futanari Ninja Unleashes Her Secret Technique

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Futanari Ninja Cumming Everywhere

Swords and cocks don’t generally mix.

I think ninjas are kinda sexy just by default, but much more so in a picture like this by futa master Usatarou. This long-haired futanari ninja girl wears a tight black outfit with convenient slashes through the fabric, allowing one huge breast to fall free along with her big cock and massive, delicious-looking balls. I’m not sure what has her so turned on, but her body is trembling with orgasm while glue-thick cum pours from the tip of her futanari ninja cock. My favorite part, however, has to be the bulge on the underside of the shaft where another salvo of sludgy sperm is making its way to the tip. She’ll probably end up coaxing out quarts of creamy ninja cum, perhaps meant as a sexier distraction than boring old smoke bombs.

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Futa Draenei Blowjob by Nyuunzi

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Sometimes I wonder if female Draenei even exist.

Sometimes I wonder if female Draenei even exist.

Nyuunzi is no stranger to sexy futanari art. This artist also has a love for World of Warcraft, meaning that we’re treated to lots of futa Draenei as well, as in this pic. In some sort of red-light district, the futanari Draenei known as Deailu has some fun with a human, Natalie. Natalie makes quite a mess as she sucks that oversized, blue-hued cock, leaving it dripping with spit and pre-cum. The busty Draenei manages to hold back, but I have to admit I’d love to see her fucking that fat dick in and out of the human girl’s throat until those heavy nuts smack against her chin.

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Jill Valentine’s Huge Futanari Cock

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Jill Valentine and Sheva Alomar Futanari

The F-Virus turned out to be far sexier than the T-Virus

I never got into the Resident Evil games but one thing I do know is that they have some very hot women. Very hot women who just might be packing huge cocks. This amazing pic by Thriller features Jill Valentine, her catsuit zipped down all the way to allow her 18″ cock to flop free onto the floor, throbbing with need. Sheva Alomar stands above her, boot crushing down on that aching cock. Whether her plan is to torture the needy futanari or to make her shoot gallons of cum by giving her a footjob is unclear. What do you think?

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